A Politics-Free Picnic

By Isabelle Rosini

When you think of Labor Day, you probably think about fun times spent with loved ones. Politics probably doesn’t even cross your mind. Why should it? After all, it’s hard working, everyday American people such as your friends and family who make this day worth celebrating.

If you’re sick of seeing your friends and neighbors through a screen, Labor Day offers the perfect opportunity to get in some real face time. Remember picnics? Well they still exist, even if social distancing guidelines might cause them to look a little different than what we are used to.

You can start planning your celebration by choosing a location. An outdoor area with ample room to spread out is optimal. If outdoor space at your own home is limited, you could ask a friend to host, or spread the gathering out between the property of both you and a neighbor. For a third option, you could always move your crew to the nearest park. State parks usually have designated picnic areas--not to mention, plenty of trails where you can walk off all the delicious food you’ll eat.

The next step involves making a seating chart. If you celebrate in your own space, it’s helpful to have a rough idea of where and how everyone can comfortably fit. If you celebrate in a park, figuring out seating arrangements becomes less of an issue. But no matter where you end up meeting, you should encourage everyone to bring their own chairs or blankets. That way, you can focus more on fun than sanitation.

Then comes the most important part of any picnic: food! There’s never been a better time to try out a new recipe. But of course, you can always plan to bring your tried and true speciality. When planning the menu, don’t stress too much about making enough food to stuff the whole party. Instead, ask friends to bring food for themselves as well as some to share, potluck style. As far as drinks go, implementing a BYOB policy is an excellent way to minimize the spread of germs and ensure that everyone gets to enjoy their drink of choice.

Finally, don’t forget to bring a speaker and playlist loaded with all your favorite songs. Even if we have to be six feet apart this Labor Day, we can still be together—and that’s what matters.

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