Church Caravan Spreads Hope Across Mitchell

By Bob Johnson

Vehicles line up for the second Caravan Prayer led by Northridge Baptist Church | Sam Fosness / Republic

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced places of worship to shut down and in many instances services to be cancelled entirely. For some who have been going to a particular church for decades, it has been hard to emulate their weekly routine of sermons and prayer. Some local churches have moved to a modified online platform where sermons could still be given, but Northridge Baptist Church in Mitchell, South Dakota had another idea.

They decided to form a prayer caravan of cars to allow physical interaction with the church while also following social distancing guidelines. The cars would meet in the church parking lot where a sermon by the minister could take place. Prayer requests could be sent in over social media to allow church members the opportunity to have their own prayers heard. The caravan would then depart from the church and drive around the city with the minister leading the way.

The church not only wanted to provide for their own followers, but also extend their prayers to those all across Mitchell. As they drive through the city, prayers are given to all those who are passed and a sense of community is created among the church and city residents.

At a time where the nation is more isolated than ever, it is important that people of all religions and backgrounds come together and wish the best for the community as a whole. The prayer caravan started by the Northridge Baptist Church has already been emulated by many other churches across the nation that wish to bring hope to their communities.

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