Seattle Clean Up Revives a Beautiful City

By Bob Johnson

Seattle-area residents pitch in to clean up damage after downtown unrest | Seattle Times

In the wake of the destruction and looting that took place in Seattle on May 30th into May 31st, the city woke up to burning cars, destroyed businesses, and trash blanketing the streets. But rather than wait for government employees to show up and take care of the mess, hundreds of locals and even many from surrounding counties took it upon themselves to start the clean up.

Looking at the damage from the night before, local residents could see businesses completely destroyed and looted. A local Banana Republic had been completely gutted and any remaining merchandise had been strewn across the streets. A car parked on the street outside the store had been torched and even burned ash and metal onto the concrete.

This left a daunting task from the city that its local residents were glad to take up. Locals in the morning were seen sweeping the streets and sidewalks, shoveling ash from torched cars into trash bags to be disposed of, and picking up trash as well as stolen goods to be disposed of or returned to their owners. This was all while Seattle’s rainy weather was pouring down on them making the work that more difficult.

When asked if they were doing this to show opposition to the protests or to side with business owners in this time of turmoil, locals simply replied that they were doing this for the good of their community and for those that live there.

This was a community that gathered for the common good of their city. Regardless of their political views and opinions on the protests, many just simply wanted to see their beautiful city return back to normal.


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