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We are a United State of Americans. That's why this Labor Day, we put our differences aside to pause politics and celebrate the fact that we are all Americans. It was a simple gesture that reached millions across the nation.


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This Labor Day, pause politics and celebrate America
Noah Wall | 9.2.20
A Few of the Many Reasons to Celebrate the United States
John Tamny | 9.3.20
Healing America means changing our collective team culture: Jerod Cherry
Jerod Cherry | 9.6.20
BRANDON: This Labor Day, Let’s Pause Politics And Celebrate Ourselves By Celebrating Americans
Adam Brandon | 9.4.20
This Labor Day, Pause Politics and Celebrate Americans
Parissa Sedghi | 9.7.20
Celebrate the Miracle of America
Stephen Moore | 9.8.20
Tea Party Bomb Throwers Call for a Break From Politics
Lachlan Markay | 8.31.20
Why this political activist wants Americans to take a 24-hour break from politics (+podcast)
Boyd Matheson | 9.2.20
Why Labor Day should become the National Day Without Politics
Scott Rasmussen | 9.7.20
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We had multiple influencers share the message of #celebrateamericans and #pausepolitics on Twitter, including: John Stossel, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Kelly Paul (wife of Sen. Rand Paul), Rachel Campos-Duffy, Savannah Maddox, Americans for Prosperity, YAL, Goldwater Institute, Club for Growth, Scott Rassmussen, Daily Caller, Job Creators USA, and more!

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